~* aNiMe PrInCeSs *~ (superty) wrote,
~* aNiMe PrInCeSs *~

There's a little game I like to play; I go to cnn.com and look for headlines that are funny out of context, or even funny in context. I can always count on there being two or three. And you can get CNN headlines on classy t-shirts. That's what I want for christmas. A ridiculous headline on a cnn shirt. In fact, I'm going to go CNN.com and post the funniest headlines out of the ones up right now. All right. Here we go:

One in 3 toys is toxic, group says
Ticker: Obama 'disappointed' with no beard
Man says he shot wife during sex
Cash-strapped teacher sells ads on tests
Bone detectives seek clues to genocide

Not too shabby. Maybe one day I could become a "bone detective." Because forensic anthropology is for nerds!

Also, I'm posting some of my favorite ridiculous/awesome top story images I have impulsively saved from over the last year or so:

CNN owns
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